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MT3 & MT4 RubrPac & RubrBulk
Type 3 & 4 SEBS Hot Applied Asphalt

USES: MT3 & MT4 RubrPacs protect surfaces exposed to the weather: They are excellent protective coatings for roofs, foundations, concrete, and metal. In addition, RubrPacs are applied to install roofing and waterproofing sheets. RubrPacs are compatible with SEBS, APP, and SBS rubber modified asphalts and will adhere to most surfaces.

DIRECTIONS: Before applying MT3 or MT4 RubrPacs as a protective coating, clean away all loose gravel, dirt, vegetation, and debris from the application area. The application surface shall be firm, clean, dry, frost-free, and smooth. Seal any leaking penetrations and repair membrane damage with M300 RubrMastic. Uniformly apply RubrPac at the rate of 30 pounds per 100 square feet. Install any of the following Fields roofing and waterproofing sheets with RubrPac: M60 RubrPoly, M64 RubrPoly2, F50 PolyShield, F55 PolyShield2, M62 RubrGlas, M66 RubrGlas2, F52 GlasBase2, F56 GlasPly6, or F54 GlasPly4. Uniformly apply 30 pounds per 100 square feet of RubrPac for base and ply sheet adhesives. For maximum protection and reduced energy costs, apply M800 RubrStar over RubrPac. Allow RubrPac a minimum of 90 days to set up before applying the RubrStar.

DESCRIPTION: MT3 & MT4 RubrPac are SEBS rubber modified hot applied asphalts. In addition, RubrPac is a patented breakthrough achieved by Fields in SEBS chemistry. SEBS rubber polymers are the only ones known to effectively resist the sun's destructive W (ultraviolet) rays. UV rays bake out the elasticity and destroy the fibers in roofing and waterproofing membranes. The SEBS rubber in RubrPac provides maximum elastic performance against thermal shock, the daily expansion and contraction of a membrane caused by temperature changes. Membranes made weak from the assault of thermal shock cycles begin to break apart. RubrPac is your best defense against these attacks. With RubrPac, your roofing and waterproofing installations will perform much longer. RubrPac has an UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Class A Fire Rating.

SPECIFICATIONS: MT3 & MT4 RubrPacs exceed the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM D 6152.

SEBS RUBBER: The SEBS rubber in MT3 & MT4 RubrPacs provides greater flexibility, lower moisture permeability, greater fatigue resistance, better weathering durability, greater tensile strength, higher temperature stability, and improved resistance to W rays, ozone attacks, and roof oils.

PACKAGING: MT3 & MT4 RubrPacs are available in 50 pound bricks and bulk.

Base Sheet Adhesive lbs
Coated BUR Sheets 30
Uncoated BUR Sheets 30
SEBS, APP, & SBS Sheets 30
Ply Sheet Adhesive lbs
Coated BUR Sheets 30
Uncoated BUR Sheets 30
SEBS, APP, & SBS Sheets 30
Protective Coating lbs
Coated BUR Sheets 30
Uncoated BUR Sheets 30
SEBS, APP, & SBS Sheets 30
Miscellaneous lbs
Cap Sheet Adhesive 30
Rigid Insulation 30
.25" Pea Gravel 60

MT3 & MT4 RubrPac are packaged in meltable plastic brick packages. Each RubrPac weighs 50 pounds, making it possible to place the entire RubrPac into an asphalt kettle and completely melt the brick, including the plastic wrapper and the asphalt. In addition, RubrPac eliminates all disposal costs, reducing the volume of waste sent to land fills. RubrPac keeps your job site clean of asphalt and carton debris. With RubrPac, the need to tear open cardboard cartons and to chop apart the conventional 100 pound asphalt plugs is eliminated. Since employees are no longer required to use axes, axe injuries are eliminated. Also, back injuries are reduced because the 50 pound RubrPac brick is half the weight of the 100 pound asphalt kegs for employees to lift.

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