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F100 PowrCoat
Asphalt Coating & Adhesive

USES: F100 PowrCoat protects surfaces exposed to the weather. PowrCoat is a superior asphalt protective coating for roofs, foundations, gutters, concrete, metal, and wood. Also, use PowrCoat to cement in place rigid insulation boards, to adhere Fields reinforcing sheets, to install Fields reflective cap sheets, and to apply Fields reflective minerals. PowrCoat is compatible with SEBS, APP, and SBS roofing products, and will adhere to most surfaces including roofing, skylights, foundations, wood, metal, glass, and concrete.

DIRECTIONS: F100 PowrCoat is friendly to apply, especially in warm temperatures. Apply with a medium stiff bristle brush, a squeegee, or asphalt cutback spray equipment. Warm PowrCoat to room temperature for easiest application. Clean gravel, dirt, vegetation, and debris from the application area. Make sure the application surface is smooth, firm, frost-free, and dry. Apply PowrCoat directly from the container without diluting. Generously apply a protective coating with PowrCoat at the uniform rate of 5 gallons per 100 square feet. First repair fissures, seal leaking penetrations, fix broken flashings, and reinforce degraded areas. Make a 3 layer repair with PowrCoat and PolyWeb over fissures or to reinforce degraded areas. Refer to the PolyWeb label for installation directions. Install a Fields new roof, reroof, recover roof, reinforced coating, or waterproof membrane with PowrCoat. Uniformly apply 5 gallons per 100 square feet of PowrCoat as an adhesive under and between each layer of sheets, and as the protective surface coating. Refer to the label on the Fields reinforcing sheet selected for installation directions. For maximum protection and reduced energy costs, apply M800 RubrStar over the PowrCoat. Allow the PowrCoat a minimum of 90 days to set up before applying the RubrStar.

DESCRIPTION: F100 PowrCoat is a quality asphalt coating and adhesive manufactured from 100% oxidized reroofing asphalt. Select raw materials have been formulated to make PowrCoat a premium product. PowrCoat provides superior elastic performance against thermal shock, the daily expansion and contraction of a roof caused by temperature changes. In addition, the sun's UV rays attack the roof membrane making it brittle and weak, inducing membrane ruptures during thermal shock cycles. PowrCoat is your best defense against these attacks. With PowrCoat your roofing and waterproofing installations will perform much longer. PowrCoat has a UL Class A fire rating and is asbestos free.

SPECIFICATIONS: F100 PowrCoat exceeds the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM D 4479 Type 2. Maximum VOC is 350 grams per liter.

PACKAGING: F100 PowrCoat is available in 1 gallon cans, 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, and bulk.

Approximate Pounds Per Gallon 7.8
Minimum Percent Nonvolatile Weight 60
Approximate Hours Set Up Time to the Touch 24
Days Set Up Time Before Applying Reflective Coating 90
Optimum Application Temperature Range in deg. F 50 to 100
Application Consistency Brush or Spray Squeegee

Membrane Type Base Adhesive Interply Adhesive Surface Coating
Polyester & Fiberglass BUR Sheets 5 gals 4 gals 5 gals
Nonwoven Polyester Sheets 5 gals 4 gals 5 gals
APP & SBS Modified Bitumen Sheets 4 gals 3 gals 5 gals
Wide Weave Polyester & Fiberglass Sheets 3 gals 2 gals 3 gals

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