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C250 RoofFlash
Plastic Flashing Cement

USES: Apply C250 RoofFlash to adhere vertical flashing installations in place, especially during warm weather conditions. You can also effectively seal around chimneys, vents, pipes, air conditioning equipment, skylights, drains, and sheet metal. RoofFlash repairs surface fissures, seals down shingle tabs, stops leaking nail heads, cements laps on roll roofing, and bonds roofing sheets to the deck. RoofFlash is compatible with APP, SBS, and SEBS modified bitumen roofing products and will adhere to most surfaces including roofing, wood, metal, and concrete.

DIRECTIONS: C250 RoofFlash is friendly to apply in warm temperatures. Warm RoofFlash to room temperature for easiest application. Clean away all loose gravel, dirt, vegetation, and debris from the application area. Use a broad putty knife to apply RoofFlash directly from the container, without diluting. Trowel RoofFlash directly to vertical surfaces. Press the flashing sheets into the RoofFlash until complete adhesion is obtained. Smooth out any wrinkles that may have formed. Seal areas exposed to water penetration with RoofFlash by generously applying a minimum .25" thick layer of RoofFlash over the exposed area. Repair surface fissures with RoofFlash using PolyWeb for reinforcement. Form a three layer repair by first troweling a generous application of RoofFlash over the break and beyond the width and length of the PolyWeb you intend to install. Second, lightly trowel the PolyWeb into the RoofFlash. Third, carefully trowel a generous application of RoofFlash over the entire repair, making sure to completely cover the PolyWeb. For severe breaks, apply additional layers of PolyWeb and RoofFlash.

DESCRIPTION: C250 RoofFlash is a quality plastic flashing cement manufactured from 100% oxidized roofing asphalt. RoofFlash provides superior elastic performance against thermal shock, the daily expansion and contraction of a roof caused by temperature changes. In addition, the sun's UV rays attack the roof membrane making it brittle and weak, inducing membrane ruptures during thermal shock cycles. RoofFlash is your best defense against these attacks. With RoofFlash your roofing and waterproofing installations will perform much longer.

SPECIFICATIONS: C250 RoofFlash exceeds the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM D2822, Type 2, Class 1. Maximum VOC is 275 grams per liter.

PACKAGING: C250 RoofFlash is available in 5 gallon pails.

Approximate Pounds Per Gallon 8.2
Minimum Percent Nonvolatile Weight 70
Approximate Hours Set Up Time to the Touch 24
Days Set Up Time Before Applying Reflective Coating 90
Optimum Application Temperature Range in deg. F 50 to 100
Application Consistency Trowelable




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