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P74, P75, & P76 PolyWeb
Wide Weave Poly Sheet

USES: P74, P75, & P76 PolyWeb is an excellent repair and reinforcing sheet for roof and foundation type projects.

DESCRIPTION: P74, P75, & P76 PolyWeb is a leading edge roofing and waterproofing sheet designed from polyester, the toughest reinforcing material developed to date. PolyWeb out performs fiberglass in all categories including: thermal shock, elongation, tensile strength, toughness, and tear resistance. PolyWeb is your best defense against attacks from the weather and environment. PolyWeb is a superior reinforcing sheet because of the wide weave design that facilitates maximum asphalt penetration and adhesion. With PolyWeb your roofing and waterproofing installations will perform much longer.

DIRECTIONS: P74, P75, & P76 PolyWeb is friendly to install. Start by thoroughly cleaning gravel, dirt, vegetation, water, and debris from the installation area. Apply Fields mastics and cements with a broad putty knife, and Fields coatings, adhesives, and emulsions with a medium stiff bristle brush between 6" and l0" wide. Use a sharp roofing knife or scissors to cut PolyWeb. Install PolyWeb with any of the following Fields products: Troweling grade asphalt mastics and cements: M300 RubrMastic, M200 RubrBond, F300 PowrMastic, A300 (1823) AtcoMastic, F200 PowrBond, or A200 AtcoBond: Brushing grade cutback asphalt coatings and adhesives: M150 RubrSeal, M100 RubrCoat, F150 PowrSeal, A150 AtcoSeal, F100 PowrCoat, or A100 (1818) AtcoCoat: or brushing grade asphalt emulsions: M800 RubrStar, M700 RubrGard, F700 PowrGard, or A700 (1840) AtcoGard. Cut and smooth blisters, wrinkles, etc. and install PolyWeb to seal the cuts. Repair or reinforce flashings, penetrations, and fissures. Form a three layer or more installation by first troweling or brushing a generous application of Fields asphalt over the installation and beyond the width and length of the PolyWeb you intend to install. Second, lightly trowel or brush the PolyWeb into the asphalt. Third, carefully trowel or brush a generous application of asphalt over the entire installation, making sure to completely cover the PolyWeb so that the weave pattern can not be seen. For longer service life, severe fissures, or harsh environments such as ponding water, apply additional layers of PolyWeb and asphalt.

SPECIFICATIONS: P74, P75, & P76 PolyWeb exceed the standards of the American Society for Testing and materials ASTM D 5665 Type 7.

  P74 P75 P76
Number of Rolls Per Pallet 1152 144 64
Roll Dimensions and Size 6" x 60' = 30 sf 36" x 72' = 216 sf 36" x 360' = 1080 sf
Typical Finished Roll Weight 0.5 lbs 3 lbs 14 lbs


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