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G362 & G62 GlasWeb
Standard Weave Fiberglass

USES: G362 & G62 GlasWeb is a reinforcing material that can be used with both hot and ambient applied asphalt coatings, cements, and adhesives. GlasWeb is an excellent repair fabric for both new and old construction in roofing and waterproofing applications. GlasWeb can also be used over foundations, slabs, tunnels, subways, pipeline joint wraps, parapet wall treatment, tennis courts, and plaza decks.

DESCRIPTION: G362 & G62 GlasWeb is an inorganic, woven glass fiber fabric, coated with an organic resin. An open weave fabric that has 20 threads per inch in the warp direction (length), and 10 double threads in the fill direction (crosswise). In industrial applications, the 20 x 10 weave is preferred because the mesh openings are larger which gives the bitumen a better chance to key through the openings to form the important bond. This light weight, high tensile strength, bi-directional fabric will not rot, char, tear, or wear.

DIRECTIONS: When using Fields asphalt coatings with G362 & G62 GlasWeb, apply 5 to 6 gallons under and 5 to 6 gallons over each 100 square feet of fiberglass material. Make sure that the GlasWeb is totally covered with asphalt both beneath and above. When using Fields plastic cements with GlasWeb, apply about 1/4" of cement over the area to be repaired at least 4" in all directions from the crack. Press at least one ply of GlasWeb into the cement and apply another 1/4" of cement over all the exposed GlasWeb, feathering the edge 2" beyond the fiberglass sheet.

SPECIFICATIONS: G362 & G62 GlasWeb exceeds the standards of the American Society for Testing and materials ASTM D1668 Type III. Federal Specification HH-C-466.

  G362 G62
Number of Rolls Per Pallet 90 540
Roll Dimensions and Size 36" x 150' = 450 sf 6" x 150' = 75 sf
Typical Finished Roll Weight 9 lbs 1.7 lbs
Average net weight (oz per sq yard) 2.25 2.25
Average tensile strength (per one inch width) "warp threads" 85 min 85 min
Average tensile strength (per one inch width) "filling threads" 85 min 85 min
Treatment % on Fabric min 50% min 50%
Thread count (per inch of width) "warp threads" 20 +/- 1 20 +/- 1
Thread count (per inch of width) "filling threads" 10 +/- 1 10 +/- 1
Thickness in inches .005 Average .005 Average


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