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F52 GlasBase2
Type 2 Glass Base Sheet

USES: F52 GlasBase2 is used to construct built-up roofing and waterproofing membranes. These membranes form a water shield over such structures as roofs, foundations, and decks.

DESCRIPTION: F52 GlasBase2 is an asphalt coated fiberglass base sheet. Select raw materials have been formulated into a 1.80 pound fiberglass sheet. GlasBase2 is your best defense against atacks from weather, acid rain, ozone, and chemicals. With GlasBase2, your roofing and waterproofing membranes will perform much longer. GlasBase2 has an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Class A Fire Rating when installed in specified systems.

DIRECTIONS: Store F52 GlasBase2 on end. Keep protected from damage and humidity. Install base sheets with GlasBase2, the substrate is required to be firm, clean, dry, and smooth. Apply the GlasBase2 base sheet so that the flow of water is over or parallel to the seams. Lap the GlasBase2 2" on the side laps and a minimum of 4" on the end laps. Extend the GlasBase2 to the head of all cants. Secure the GlasBase2 to the substrate by either nailing or adhering. Nailed base sheets, use nails with 1" heads and nail the GlasBase2 9" on center on both the outside edges and the seams. Also, nail two rows 12" in from each edge on 18" centers, and alternate the nails in each row so that they are offset from each other. Adhered base sheets, apply either Fields hot asphalt or ambient asphalt and lightly broom the GlasBase2 into the asphalt as it is unrolled. Hotasphalt installations, apply either MT3 RubrPac or T3 MeltPac at the rate of 25 lbs per 100 square feet. Ambient asphalt installations, use either M150 RubrSeal, M100 RubrCoat, or F100 PowrCoat at the rate of 5 gallons per 100 square feet. Install an extra sheet of GlasBase2 in valleys and waterways. This extra sheet sha11 extend at least 8" up the inclines of valleys and be applied as specified for adhered base sheets. Install ply sheets with GlasBase2, the GlasBase2 is required to be firm, clean, dry, and smooth. Apply any one of the following as the ply sheets: M60 RubrPoly, M64 RubrPoly2, F50 PolyShield, M62 RubrGlas, M66 RubrGlas2, F56 GlasPly6, F52 GlasBase2, F54 GlasPly4, or F55 PolyShield2. Install the ply sheets parallel to the base sheet so that the flow of water is over or parallel to the seams. Apply 2, 3, or 4 ply sheets in shingle fashion on the correct laylines. Start by cutting and installing the starter strips and continue by installing the ply sheets in a uniform interply application of either MT3 RubrPac or T3 MeltPac hot asphalt at the rate of 25 Ibs per ply sheet per 100 square feet: Or apply M150 RubrSeal, M100 RubrCoat, or F100 PowrCoat ambient asphalt at the rate of 5 gallons per ply sheet per 100 square feet. Make end laps a minimum of 4". Adjacent end laps shall be offset at least 12" apart. Lightly broom the ply sheets into the asphalt as they are unrolled. Install the surface coating with GlasBase2, the ply sheets are required to be firm, clean, dry, and smooth. Adhere an extra base flashing strip of GlasBase2 on all flashings at the same rate of asphalt as required for adhering base sheets. Extend the extra base flashing a minimum of 2" above the head of the cants and a minium of 4" beyond the toe of the cants. Then, uniformly coat the entire surface with any one of the following: MT3 RubrPac, T3 MeltPac, M150 RubrSeal, M100 RubrCoat, F100 PowrCoat, M700 RubrGard, or F700 PowrGard. For hot asphalt coatings, apply 25 Ibs per 100 square feet. For ambient asphalt coatings, apply 5 gallons per 100 square feet. For maximum protection and reduced energy costs, apply M800 RubrStar over the asphalt coating. Allow the asphalt coating a minimum of 90 days to set up before applying RubrStar.

SPECIFICATIONS: F52 GlasBase2 exceeds the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM D 4601 Type II.

Number of Rolls Per Pallet 30
Roll Dimensions and Size 36" x 108' = 324 sf
Typical Finished Roll Weight 65 lbs
Net dry mass-coated sheet minimum (lb/100 ft) 14.5
Moisture % max time of manufacture 1.0
Mass of desaturated glass mat min (lb/100 ft) 1.7
Parting agent and stabilizer max % 65
Asphalt minimum (lb/100 ft2) 7.0
Ash % (glass mat only) 70 to 88

Breaking strength min (lbf/in) logitudinal and transverse 44
Pliability (1/2 in) radius maximum failures, 10 specimens 0


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