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Co-op Info | Request Form

1. Program Purpose
To support local advertising that stimulates consumers to buy Fields products and identifies a source of supply.

2. Who is eligible
Stocking Fields dealers and distributors operating a retail store or wholesale operation.

3. Qualifying Products
All products listed in the Fields Product Guide.

4. What Fields Pays
Fields pays 50% of print advertising costs devoted to Fields products up to a maximum of $150 on a single insertion, except where special prior arrangements have been made.
Note: All other requests for co-op advertising funds (radio, TV, etc.) must be submitted to Fields's advertising department for consideration.

5. Qualifying Media
Ads run in daily or weekly newspapers qualify. Other forms of print advertising such as circulars, catalogs and direct mail pieces may qualify but require prior approval by Fields.

6. Qualifying Advertising
Ads prepared using Fields ad Slicks or digital Product Images supplied by Fields.
Dealer-created advertising materials may also qualify but require prior approval by Fields.
Advertising that is determined to be incorrect or inappropriate will not qualify for refunds for example, ad copy that does not match the artwork, products promoted during the wrong season, etc. Please contact Fields personnel for assistance in preparing effective ads.
Note: All ads must include:
- A picture of the Fields product being advertised (refer to "Product Images" in this section).
- Some consumer or user benefit as a reason to buy the advertised product.
- Price

7. Claim Reimbursement
Claims should be mailed directly to your Fields distributor. The distributor will forward all claims to Fields for auditing. Upon approval of the claim, a credit will be issued to the distributor.
Note: Fields Company, LLC reserves the right to limit the amount of advertising credit.

8. Submitting Claims
Newspaper - All claims must include a full tear sheet and invoice from the publisher stating your net cost of space. Please use the Cooperative Advertising Request form to submit all claims.
Catalogs. Mailers & Circulars - Claims must include a complete copy of the printed material, proof of cost and proof of circulation.
Radio and Television - Paid invoices and evidence of air time.
Note: Use Fields Cooperative Advertising Request form for all claims.

9. Claim Deadlines
Co-op ad claims must be received within 60 days after the date of the media invoice for the month's advertising that is being claimed.

10. Questions, Contact:
sales@fieldscorp.com or Fields 2240 Taylor Way Tacoma, WA 98421 (206) 627-4098 (800) 627-4098 Fax (206) 383-2181


Fields Company LLC
2240 Taylor Way,
Tacoma WA 98421

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