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Fields Company and its affiliates have been manufacturing quality roofing and waterproofing products for over 100 years.

Today, Fields has three manufacturing divisions including: (1) Coatings & Mastics, (2) Hot Asphalts, and (3) Roll Roofing.

The Coatings & Mastics Division produces a wide variety of ambient applied products. The asphalt products in this division are manufactured from two types of technology: Cutback asphalts (mineral spirit based) and emulsified asphalts (water based). The Coatings & Mastics Division also manufactures certain specialty coatings such as white elastomeric reflective coatings, asphalt pavement seal coatings, and cedar tinted shake & wood treatment coatings.

The Hot Asphalt Division produces all the asphalts required for Fields raw material needs as well as asphalt products for the market place. The hot asphalts produced for Fields raw material needs include asphalts for formulating Fields coatings and mastics; asphalts for saturating Fields organic felts; and asphalts for coating Fields roof systems reinforcing sheets. The hot applied asphalt products manufactured by Fields for the market place include hot applied roofing asphalts and certain specialty asphalts.

The Roll Roofing Division produces asphalt saturated organic felts and asphalt coated inorganic sheets. In addition, Fields manufactures maximum performance roll roofing products such as wrinkle free organic felts; and SEBS roofing and waterproofing reinforcing sheets made from both polyester and fiberglass mats.

Fields products are marketed through a network of distributors and dealers across the United States as well as in various other countries throughout the world.

The Fields Roof Management Services Division provides responsive technical support for designers, consultants, contractors, distributors, and building owners. A number of services are provided, including roof surveys, maintenance programs, roof system designs, specifications, bidding documents, inspection services, certified contractors, and guarantees.

Fields selects the finest raw materials and adheres to the strictest quality control standards so as to ensure maximum performance products. All of Fields' products exceed their applicable ASTM standards and are guaranteed to perform for their specified systems. Each product has been thoroughly tested in the laboratory, and more importantly, by thousands of installers. Fields roof systems have been installed on buildings all around the world and are successfully performing under the most severe weather conditions. These diverse installation sites are located in such places as North America, Alaska, Hawaii, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and the Far East.


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