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Deviation from any of the following criteria shall be corrected by the corresponding corrective action as soon as possible.

Vapor Retarder Evaluation
Criteria Corrective Action
The substrate is dry, frost free, clean, smooth, firm, and clear of damaging objects Delay installation of vapor retarder until substrate conditions are corrected.
Products are protected from weather, damage, and abuse by other trades. Protect products and remove damaged products from project site.
The location of the vapor retarder is as specified. Remove vapor retarder from incorrect location and install in specified location.
Quantity of vapor retarder sheets are as specified. Install additional vapor retarder sheets to comply with the specifications.
Fields asphalt is applied as specified. Install additional Fields asphalt and ply sheets in the affected area.
The vapor retarder extends continuously throughout the deck plane. Install vapor retarder to incomplete or noncontinuous areas.
End laps, side laps, openings, and penetrations are sealed. Install additional Fields asphalt and ply sheets to ensure adequate seals.
Vapor retarder is sealed at the perimeter and flashings. Seal vapor retarder at perimeter and flashings per the "Roof Flashing Details" section.
Vapor retarders are correctly tied into other intersecting vapor retarders. Install additional sheets to ensure adequate vapor retarder tie-ins and correct installations.


Insulation Evaluation
Criteria Corrective Action
Insulation is protected before, during, and after installation. Protect insulation. Remove damaged or wet installation from the project site.
Insulation boards are installed at the correct angle to the deck's pitch. Reinstall insulation boards to the correct angle of the deck's pitch.
The planes of finished surfaces of adjacent insulation boards are vertically offset less than 1/4". Vertical offset of insulation board surface plane shall be corrected by shaving the insulation boards, filling, leveling the gap with compatible material, or adding tapered insulation.
Only the quantity of insulation is installed that can be covered with the completed roof system membrane through the reflective surfacing or a glaze coating in the same day. Cover all insulation the same day installed with the roof system membrane. Remove any damaged insulation from the project site.
The hot asphalt adhesive is being applied at the uniform rate of 30 lbs per 100 sq ft; or the ambient asphalt adhesive is being applied at the uniform rate of 4 gals per 100 sq ft. The insulation is being embedded into the asphalt while it is still fluid. Remove faulty adhered insulation and replace with correctly adhered insulation.
Mechanically fastened insulation has the quantity and correct placement of fasteners as specified Install additional fasteners as specified and space correctly.
Water cutoffs are installed at the end of each day at the edge of the roof system so as to keep water from entering the system. The water cutoffs are removed prior to resuming the installation. Install water cutoffs at the end of each day. Remove damaged insulation from the project site and replace.
All insulation joints are staggered per each layer and between layers. Remove nonstaggered insulation boards and adjust boards to achieve correct stagger.
Insulation boards are in moderate contact. Occasional gaps between boards are less than 1/4" and are not continuous for more than the length of one insulation board. Insulation gaps in excess of 1/4" shall be filled with the correct insulation board or compatible material.
Insulation boards are reasonably square. Out of square insulation boards creating gaps in excess of 1/4" are prohibited. The insulation manufacturer shall be requested to take corrective action for out of square boards.


Fastener Evaluation
Criteria Corrective Action
Type, size, plates, and length of fasteners are as specified. Remove improper fasteners and install specified fasteners.
The minimum quantity of fasteners installed are as specified. Install additional fasteners per the specified quantity.
Spacing of fasteners is as specified. Fastener spacing shall be corrected by installing additional fasteners correctly spaced.
Fasteners are correctly installed. Remove improperly installed fasteners and install fasteners correctly.

Asphalt Evaluation
Criteria Corrective Action
Type and class of Fields asphalts are as specified. Remove noncomplying asphalts from project site.
Quantity of Fields interply asphalt adhesive is as specified. Apply the following quantities of Fields asphalt per 100 sq ft: 30 lbs for hot and 4 gals for ambient applied asphalt. Calculate quantity of asphalt being applied and adjust application rate for compliance. Determine if an asphalt analysis is needed per ASTM 3617 and if further corrective action is required.
Fields interply asphalt adhesive is applied in a continuous, fluid layer no more than 10' in front of the sheets being unrolled. Adjust work practices to provide a continuous fluid layer of Fields asphalt.
Fields hot or ambient applied asphalt is being applied within the correct EVT or temperature ranges. Adjust asphalt heating and application techniques to comply with EVT and temperature range requirements.

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